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Introducing John's Newest Novel, Revolutions

Allain deGravelles, 18, a young and naive American from New Orleans, arrives in Paris in February of 1848 to attend the famous École Polytechnique. At the engineering school, he finds himself attracted to an upperclassman, Louis Candat, who harbors the same desire as himself, that of becoming an artist.

Paris, meanwhile, is on the edge of another revolution. When Louis dies from a bullet wound at a political demonstration gone wrong, Allain refuses to return to his studies. He decides, instead, to become an artist, something his father would never approve of. Exploring possibilities in the bustling art world of Paris, he meets Edouard Dubose, an artiste manqué, who befriends him and agrees to teach him the basics of art for a "price," and introduces him into the Parisian art scene.

During the bloody ‘June Days,’ Allain is captured at a street barricade and thrown into a crowded, filthy cell where he is badly abused.

This story of a young man willing to pay any price to become an artist will not be an easy one to forget.

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